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Joy and sadness of drivers
On the late evening, it was raining heavily, few of customers, the old taxi driver drove slowly on the streets to find customers, the weather was so cold, he looked unhappy because of having anybody waiving him, but suddenly, there were a young couple carrying a baby in arms and some kids , they were animated and chattering noisily, they called taxi, the driver picked them up, when they were in car, they put the baby lying on the back seat, the baby slept soundly, they went on talking together like the little birds, when he got to the small alley in Dist.7, they got out as noisily as  they got in.

The old driver drove calmly and he heard a cry from behind, and he was so astonished , they left the baby in car, he stopped the taxi, and carried him out, the baby – little boy cried loudly , maybe, he was hungry, the old driver was so nervous, he didn’t know how to do, he called Call Center to get helps, but Call Center were  all single girls, they asked him to take baby back the place he dropped them but couldn’t find, because they got out of the street, the baby cried louder and louder, he needed to feed milk Where could get milk for him? Both of driver and Call Center were very panic.

Fortunately, the couple returned, they jumped up when seeing the taxi, the old driver was also happy, he carried out the baby and gave him back to his parents with happy tears, the young couple took the baby and ran into the alley without any thanks.

The old driver smiled heartedly, the Call Center staff breathed out with light heart.

The true story of Vinataxi in 2004

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