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A Cute Angle was born in my taxi.....

I was whole-hearted to help a pregnant woman that gave a birth in my car and praised by newspapers.

That was at midnight, I lingered to find some customers more, there was an elderly leading a pregnant by hands whose face was twisted by pain. They asked me to take them to hospital because she was going to give a birth. I sat up quickly and also forgot to be sleepy, quickly drove them to hospital.

On the way coming to the hospital, she went on groaning and crying and.....oe...oe....the baby has gone out. " How can to do?" I wondered, the old mother was also as embarrassed as me. .. . I took off my yellow shirt at once to wrap up the infant in order to keep warm for him. I drove as fast as possible to hospital in very worried mood. Then, we also arrived at hospital, some nurses happily informed to me that," Both of Mother and Baby are healthy", I smiled gladly and turned back with the indescribable joy.......

.The next early morning, when reporter interviewed me, they asked," why can you do that thing enthusiastically like that?", I only answered that I was thinking about my daughter who was coming in the world and because I helped everybody in order that on the way of life, my daugter would be helped and loved by other ones.

Written by Kim Yen - The true story of Vinataxi - Driver 988.

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